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There is more to sales than just sending an EDM (electronic direct mail) out  using a data base that contains hundreds contacts. This is not selling! Your next sales campaign should be more about quality and less about quantity. You sales messaging should ensure you Promote who you are what you do. It should Pitch your solution to your potential clients and you need to be able to Follow Up and Track your prospects progress through your sales pipeline. 

wordMax Sales Solutions has a proven Sales Solution package that will help you Promote, Pitch, Follow Up and Track your sales. We will create a customised series of well written Email, Text or Messaging content for your next sales campaign. We can also create a script for a face-to-face sales pitch.  All our sales content is written by a real sales and copywriting professional. This package also helps you follow up and track your leads to maximise every opportunity.

With 44% of sales people failing to follow up after contacting a prospect or lead once, we also have a proven Follow Up timeline, that shows you when to send your sales messaging and a Sales Pipeline Measurement Matrix to track and measure your sales process to maximise every opportunity.

Start to Promote, Pitch, Follow Up and Track your sales today!

Our Sales Solution Package  comes with 5 professionally written pieces of content including:

  1. Introduction email, txt, message or script
  2. Friendly Reminder email, txt, message or script
  3. Value Add email, txt, message or script
  4. 2nd Friendly Reminder email, txt, message or script
  5. Close the sale email, txt, message or scrip 

As well as:

  • A Timeline for when to send your email, txt, message or to use a script.
  • Sales Pipeline Management Matrix to measure your campaign.
  • And a 20 minute online training module 

The investment for your next sales campaign is $249

New content for emails, txt, messages, or scripts will then be $149.

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