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Maximising words to sell

No matter what type of media you choose, your sales, marketing and advertising copy or your online content needs to always sell who you are, what you do and how you help your customers.  If you are planning a new sales, marketing or advertising campaign, then wordMax has the right copywriting and content solution for you.

We are here to help you when have something to say and you don’t know how to say it. Or we can help when you just don’t have the time to create it. wordMax will create compelling copy and content for your small business, using tried and tested, old school copywriting principles for use in the digital age. Our work is always carried out on time and on budget. And best of all, we use real people and not a robot!

Our main goal is to help you sell.

We have combined our vast experience in selling and sales management, with our ability to create compelling content. Our new Sales Solutions Campaign will Promote, Pitch, Follow Up and Track your sales and maximise every opportunity.

We also have Online Solutions like compelling LinkedIn Profiles that promote who you are and what you do.

wordMax is also about helping small, local, community radio stations in Western Sydney and beyond, save money with locally written radio commercial scripts with our Broadcast Solutions package.

wordMax is here to help you “maximise words to sell”.

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Talk to our Chief Copywriter, Graham Fitzpatrick  to discuss all your copy and content needs.

For Your Sales Solutions

wordMax Sales Solutions has a proven Sales Solution package that will help you Promote, Pitch, Follow Up and Track your sales. We will create a customised series of well written Email, Text or Messaging content for your next sales campaign.

We can also create a pitch for your face-to-face sales.  All our sales content is written by a real sales and copywriting professional. Our campaigns also help you follow up and track your leads to maximise every opportunity.

For Your Online Solutions

  •  Does your Facebook, about description sell your business properly?
  • Is your LinkedIn profile a resume or does it sell who you are and what you can do?

Most LinkedIn Profiles look like Resumes and sell the past. Our LinkedIn Profile Solution package sells who you are and what you do now. We will ensure your LinkedIn profiles sells who you are and what you do. Or we can create a Business Profile that offers real solutions to your customer’s needs. All our content is written by a real person and not a robot. Does your website content sell what you do and the benefits that your products and services provide? We can help with that too.

For Your Broadcast Script Solutions

wordMax Broadcast Script Solutions is set up to help small, local, community radio stations in Western Sydney with a local script service to help save money. A successful radio campaign is not just about reach and frequency but also has a lot to with a killer commercial script. We also know that budgets are tight and that every saving helps with the operation of your station. This is why our localised script service is extremely affordable.

With over 12 years of experience, we can create-

  • 15, 30 or 45 second radio commercial,
  • 10 sec tags
  • 15, 30 or 45 live read

Our scripts are fun, different and get attention.


And Introducing wordMax Event Solutions

wordMax can also help with your corporate function and training needs. Our Sales professional and  chief copy writer, Graham Fitzpatrick is a skilled and entertaining public speaker. No matter what sort of event or function you have, Graham’s experience, knowledge and wit will have everyone engaged.