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Our business owner, Graham Fitzpatrick wears many hats. He is a Business Advisor, Sales Professional and Copy Writer. He describes himself as an “old school marketer in a digital age”. This may sound like an odd thing to say  but Graham has seen the best and the worse when it comes to Sales, Marketing and Advertising over the past 35 years or more. He has learnt the right way to sell, market and advertise goods and services using proven “old school” style practices and principles that have existed for decades. While the principles remain the same and are continued to be used by agencies and consultants all over the world. The platforms we use have changed dramatically.

It was not that long ago that small businesses relied mainly on the Yellow Pages phone books and the local newspapers to advertise. These have been now been replaced with Google and SEO, Facebook and Instagram, Websites, Mobile apps and other forms of digital media.

There is now such a reliance on these digital platforms and online that we have forgotten the basics. wordMax was launched out of the need to help small businesses harness the power of the written word and to maximise your sales potential. To help create real campaigns, copy and content that sells who you are, what you do and how customers and clients can find you.

Graham has over 35 years of experience selling everything from toys and auto parts as a sales assistant, through to selling radio commercials as a radio station sales director. During this time he grew his creative talents as an amazing copywriter. He has worked for Coles Myer, Cumberland Newspapers, Mason Stewart Publishing,  Fairfax Community Newspapers, Hoyts Cinema Advertising, Western Weekender and Vintage FM. This experience helps give you real working solutions to your business, sales, marketing and advertising needs.

Graham also works as a Business Connect advisor at the Western Sydney Business Centre and is a board member of the Stitches Collection. 

Contact Graham to find out how he can help your “business maximise words to sell” for your Sales, Online and Broadcast Solutions.

And as an old boss of his always said….. Sell, Sell, Sell!

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