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wordMax Broadcast Script Solutions is set up to help small, local, community radio stations in Western Sydney with a local script service to help save money. A successful radio campaign is not just about reach and frequency but has a lot to do with a killer commercial script. We also know that budgets are tight and that every saving helps with the operation of your station. This is why our localised script service is extremely affordable.

We have been creating 10, 15, 30 and 45 second radio commercial, sponsorship spots, tags and live read scripts for over 12 years that are fun, different and get attention.

Being based in Western Sydney,  we understand the local marketplace and can create campaigns that talk to locals. We have created effective commercials and live reads for major brands, Telstra Stores, Westfield and McDonalds to name just a few. As well as local organisations, companies and businesses like Blacktown Workers, Penrith Bowling Club, Southlands Shopping Centre, Hogs Breath, and Penrith City Council.

But don’t take our word for why you should consider us, here’s what one of the best in the radio business has to say…

“Graham from wordMax is one of the best radio script writers in Sydney” …. Richard Mills

– Richard J Mills Consultancy and My 88 on iHeart Radio

So how much does it cost?

Our 30 second commercial and sponsorship scripts are just $29 per script 

This includes-

  • Multiple voices
  • 1 complete re-write
  • 3 changes or corrections
  • Turn around of time of 24 hours on request.

Prices for Tags, 15 and 45 second scripts and live reads are on request.

Get started today!

We have the solution to meet your needs

Talk to our Chief Copywriter, Graham Fitzpatrick  to discuss all your copy and content needs.

Here is an example of what we do

30 second scipt for the Salt Therapy Centre

Now sit back and relax. Take a deep breath and let the outside world disappear

(Deep breath Sound Effect)

Listen to the music and let the calm consume you

(Calming background music starts)

Feel yourself relax and let the salt work it’s wonder….

To experience the real thing come and visit the Salt Therapy Centre Penrith.

We offer a relaxing alternative treatment for the mind and body.

We also offer a range of natural Australian made products including Salt Lamps for you.

The Salt Wellness Centre is at Suite 1, 76 Henry Street, Penrith

Or find us online at salt therapy wellness centre dot com dot au

Here is another example

30 second script for Narang Bir-rong Aboriginal Corporation

Radio Producer – Okay, are you ready Coen?

Cohen– Yep

Radio Producer – Here we go then in 1 -2 -3

Cohen – Hi, my name is Coen

Thank you to Narang Bir-rong Aboriginal Corporation for helping me and my sister find our new foster parents

There are lots of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander kids like us that are looking for caring foster parents

Can you help?

Radio Producer – Excellent!  Now let’s tell them the website

Cohen – For more information go to N B A C dot org  dot au

Radio Producer -What about the phone number?

Cohen –  4 7? Um? I forgot (little giggle)

Radio Producer – That’s okay, I’ll tell them, It’s 4 7 6 1 4 thousand

And here is one of our favourites

(SFX: Moo!)

Voice Over Guy: This is daisy (SFX: Moo!)

Voice Over Guy: Daisy is very excited to introduce you to Cow Pat Lotto (SFX: Moo)

Cow Pat Lotto will raise much needed funds for Feel the Magic. Feel the Magic helps grieving kids to heal after the death of a parent or sibling

(SFX: Mooooo!!)

Voice Over Guy: Yes daisy I am getting to that.

On the 14th December we will cover a football field with a numbered grid.You can buy a raffle ticket matching a number on the field with limited numbers available So get in quick.

Then tune in- to the live event where we walk cows like daisy around the field until nature calls and when the pat drops on a number – a winner is crowned! (SFX: Moo!)

Voice Over Guy: You could win 10 thousand dollars! (SFX; Moo!)

To buy your lucky numbers, go to Feel the Magic dot org dot au. Tickets are on sale NOW!

(SFX: Moo!)